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We can’t wait for the Street League Skateboarding World Tour kick off in Los Angeles, where some of the top skaters from around the world will face off to prove they have what it takes to be the best.

The park for this year’s contest looks unbelievable – it’s a shame that it has to come down again once the event is over before any skate fans get the chance to carve it up! Still, we are blessed to have some insane parks dotted around the globe for us to enjoy.

Here’s 10 of the best skateparks we’ve ever seen. If you think we’ve missed any out, let us know in the comments...  

Hyeres Skatepark

Where: Hyeres, France

This skatepark has it all: ledges, handrails, banks, quarter pipes. You name it – it’ll be in there. Located by the sunny beaches of southern France, the park covers over 4,000m². Endless amazing hours of riding.



Where: Berlin, Germany

This huge street course is made entirely of wood and has something for all riders: plenty of vert ramps indoors and concrete bowled ramps outside. The park is also famous for having the largest halfpipe in Germany. No matter how you skate, this park will have features for you to tear up.

The Level

Where: Brighton, UK

This recently refurbished park on the south coast of England by Freestyle covers 1,400m². The park was declared open in June 2013 and is viewed by locals as the skate centre of the UK. The park prides itself on its unique contours and bowl shapes, offering skaters a huge variety of lines.


Spring Skatepark

Where: Texas, USA

Designed by the Seattle-based creators Grindline, this skate paradise covers 10 acres of bowls, pipes, ramps and street-skating obstacles. It’s famous for being the largest skatepark in the USA and the second largest in the world. One of the park’s best features is the Texas Bowl, which has an incredible echo if you carve over the halfway mark. Best of all? It’s free to enter.

Skatepark Los Reyes

Where: Santiago, Chile

Located on the banks of the Machopo River is the biggest skatepark in Chile: Skatepark Los Reyes. It’s known by skate fans everywhere as one of the best places in the world for skating at night – for its scenic views and well-lit areas.


‘Amazing Square’ Skate Park

Where: Tokyo, Japan

This park boasts an amazing selection of street and transition obstacles, an indoor area with wood flooring and a fun box, as well as an obscene four-metre vert ramp. If you’re not ready to tackle this beast, there’s a great flat area for beginners to hone their skills.

Stoke Plaza

Where: Stoke, UK

This park based in the west midlands of the UK does not disappoint. It’s a must-visit for any serious street skater, offering countless lines and features such as stair sets, rails, hubbas, manny pads and ledges. The all concrete course has seen lots of skaters take on the park since it opened in 2010.


The Black Pearl

Where: Cayman Islands

This is the mecca of skateparks. Officially one of the largest outdoor skateparks in the world, it boasts courses for beginners, intermediate and expert skaters. The location alone is enough to leave you in awe – all skaters have to check out this tropical venue if they get the chance.


Galit Skate Park

Where: Tel Aviv, Israel

The first concrete skate park in Israel, Skate Park Galit was built by a local skater with a helping hand from local architects in 2007. The park is a hit with the locals and has helped the sport grow in the Middle East.


Venice Beach Skatepark

Where: California, USA

Home to skating legends such as Jay Adams and Tony Alva, this park is located right by the famous Venice Beach, where there’s guaranteed sunshine. It’s also right next to the Venice Skates shop – just in case you need some new gear.


Stop one of the Street league Skateboarding World Series will take place in Los Angeles on 7 July. You can catch all of the action LIVE on EDGEsport – find out how you can watch it here.

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